Feelings of Impotence


I don’t know if I’m imagining it or not, but it seems life life gets progressively harder from one year to the next.

That’s to be expected early on. As children, our basic needs (food, shelter, love and whatnot) are taken care of for us. Each year we earn additional freedoms and responsibilities, so it makes sense that life would get harder. I get that.

But what about now? Is it just me, or does life get harder as an adult too? I am becoming more keenly aware of other people’s suffering with each passing day. Every day there is yet another great injustice or heartbreaking trial to add to the growing list. Human trafficking, violence, abuse, the loss of loved ones, terrible illnesses. It becomes impossible to carry the weight of it all, yet I feel I somehow must.

Is the world becoming a more hostile and painful place, or am I simply more awake to it?

And what can I do about it as an individual? How can I defend the helpless and love the unloved when the problems seem so insurmountable?