The Depths

Dream Journal

The dream:
I was scuba diving with a couple of professional diver guides. We were exploring shipwrecks, and at every site there was a dead body pinned down among the wreckage. I never saw the faces, only their legs, and aside from the stillness, nothing appeared amiss. After a time, we surfaced at a dock in order to unload a few unnecessary items to a colleague who was waiting for the divers. We were about to go under again and I woke up.

My thoughts on the dream:
I have always viewed water (especially deep water) as a representation of my subconscious or inner emotional state. In my dream, I was navigating the depths with two guides, but I was more like a silent observer; I followed them as they explored, but I didn’t really participate. Everywhere we went, there was death but I was afraid to take a deep look at the faces. I preferred to lurk behind and only see its periphery. I think the divers may represent my counselors, those who are skilled in diving deep into people’s inner pain.

Exploration of my inner emotional turmoil, but fear of looking at the face of death. It’s possible that there is treasure in the depths, but fear of death makes me hesitant to really delve into the dark places.
A need to unload unnecessary emotional baggage.